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Here you will find a lot of information about our Restaurant and also our events, the Special of the Month and info for the whole year!

We hope to host you as our guests soon.





We recommend booking a table in advance for any events.

Owner:   Doris Guthmann

Seureallee 1

D-55294 Bodenheim


Phone : +49-6135-8774


Fax : +49-6135-707113

eMail : guthmann@gmx.net




16.00 -  23.00

16.00 -  23.00

16.00 -  23.00


10.30 -  20.00 Uhr     warm food available all times

On Sundays we offer lunchtime coffee, tea and cake.  Also available as take-away.

We also welcome Birthdays, Anniversaries, Funerals, Family Events, the Work ‘Getaways” …and of course, any holidays.

The Special of the Day can be found on our Board or you can always call.